Alpha Nu Omega members participate in a number of programs and projects throughout the year. We minister to the spirit, soul, and body of target groups in new and innovative ways. Examples of ANΩ projects include:


• ​Scholarships to promote academic excellence

• Nu Alpha/Alpha Nu junior fraternity and sorority mentoring

• College campus Bible studies

• Christian talent showcases and outdoor concerts

• Blood drives

• Workshops and campus discussions

• Food and school supply donation drives

• Out of the box evangelism through stepping and street ministry



In 2012, Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. launched a new evangelism campaign, as directed by National Director of Ministries Ryan M. Harrison. Members produced video testimonies, sharing their faith

and making an impact to a worldwide audience. The Live Out Loud campaign has allowed Alpha Nu Omega to use out of the box evangelism tactics.


Our greatest asset to win souls for the Kingdom of God is our personal testimony. We often feel inadequate when trying to share the good news of Jesus Christ. At the thought of being challenged and having to defend our faith, many of us might feel apprehensive and ill prepared. The greatest thing about sharing the Gospel through your personal testimony is that it is indisputable and undeniable. The proof of God’s existence and His effectiveness is your victorious life. Live Out Loud is our attempt to be bold and unashamed about what God has done in us, through us and for us. We share our lives as an audible book to be heard and studied by students and communities across this country. Alpha Nu Omega family, let’s saturate the world with a story that is unique to us. In a world that looks for hard facts, let us be the proof of our living God.


This testimony based evangelism campaign is ultimately designed to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and give Him glory. This will be accomplished through the use of multiple mediums and marketing materials. It is our hope that each chapter will begin to record videos of members sharing their testimonies as a way to engage the local campus and build relationships. With the use of marketing materials, we foresee this campaign becoming infectious, something in which students and faculty might want to participate.

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Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. is a founding member of the United Council of Christian Fraternities and Sororities.