Alpha Nu Omega Sorority, Inc.

SISTERHOOD is a huge part of the dynamics of Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. Each year the dove sisters come together at our national sorority retreat, Dove S.P.A., to strengthen the bond of sisterhood within the organization. Chapters across the nation hold sisterhood as a priority and continue to foster healthy relationships amongst the Doves through events, dinners, shut-ins, and celebrations. We recognize that in order to be effective in our ministry of ANΩ we most hold strong to the sisterhood.


SISTERS in Alpha Nu Omega are making a huge impact across the country. Doves participate in ministry projects throughout their undergraduate careers and continue ministry after graduation.  Sisters have traveled across the world on missions trips. We have pursued masters and doctoral degrees. We are mentoring, leading, teaching, networking, learning, growing, studying, and so much more!


SPIRIT. Ministry to the spirit is a core component of Alpha Nu Omega Sorority, Inc. To minister to the spirit we hold weekly Bible studies on college campuses across the nation. Members also host concerts, open mic nights, discussions, and forums to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Stepping is a form of ministry that many members of Alpha Nu Omega Sorority participate in to present the Gospel in a unique way.


SOUL. ANΩ Sorority members minister the soul of women on college campuses and in the community in a number of ways. Sisters have been working tirelessly in support of organizations that promote awareness and support of mental health treatment. Sisters also host events that aim to meet the needs of women by tackling issues such as self esteem, body image, relationships, etc.


BODY. To minister to the body, Dove Sisters often host exercise classes, as well as forums discussing nutrition and body image. In the summer of 2013 sisters participated in a "Biggest Loser" sorority challenge to hold one another accountable for healthy eating, exercise, and overall physical health.

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Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. is a founding member of the United Council of Christian Fraternities and Sororities.