Welcome From Our Visionary Founder 




Greetings my beloved Alpha Nu Omega Family: 


We are so honored that you have chosen to visit us today! 

In our world with academic-related issues, we are accustomed to struggling with tuition deadlines, juggling work and family schedules, and balancing financial obligations, while striving to maintain a healthy relationship with our God.  What we identified in 2020 as “normal” was suddenly disrupted with the arrival of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic.  The areas of health, family, religion, economic status, education, etc. were all unexpectedly impacted.  


Miraculously, God’s grace sustained this organization and caused us to persevere.  We endured the turbulence of life, even amid loss and grief. What resilience! What a mind to overcome despite the odds!


As Visionary Founder, it has been a pleasure to labor beside my brothers and sisters through both the challenges and successes. With our new National President Brian Ajayi and the National Officers, I expect great things from this team of servants of our Most High God! 


VICTORY and Prosperity is in our view!  In the past years, the 3M’s were essential for our progress, namely, Ministry, Membership, and Money.  As this new administration has casted their vision, let us promote their vision of the 4C’s, namely, Character, Communication, Community, and Capital. 


  • In 2020, we accomplished MUCH!  

  • TOGETHER In 2021, we will accomplish even MORE! 


Why am I convinced that MORE ACCOMPLISHMENTS would occur? The LORD is still with us to uphold His holy name.... Alpha and Omega.  Hallelujah!  We are called by His name! 




Sincerely submitted with excitement,


Visionary Founder Shirley K. Russell

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Meet Our Founders

Visionary Founder

Shirley K. Russell


Founding President                                     Doral R. Pulley
Founding Vice President                             Kyle E. Bacon*  
Founding Secretary                                     Thayer B. Robinson, Jr.
Founding Treasurer                                     Kevin Jones
Founding Parliamentarian:                        Maurice Williams*
Founding Chaplain:                                      J. Donald Edwards, Jr. 
Founding Public Relations Manager         Kevin Gavin
Founding Booking Manager                       Charles D. Bolden, II*



Founding Brothers

Keith Bennett 

James Eure, III
Marc Evans
Glen Fields*

Stacey Patterson*

Thomas Scott

Note: * indicates the founder is deceased


Visionary Founder                                   Shirley K. Russell

Founding President                                 Joyce Mungo 
Founding Vice President                         Diedra Hooper (Green) 
Founding Secretary                                 Terrah Dews 
Founding Treasurer                                Rosina Hardtman (Hayward) 
Founding Parliamentarian:                    Wilhelmina Jones 
Founding Chaplain:                                 Beverly Adams 
Founding Public Relations Manager    Precious D. Ross (Morrison) 
Founding Booking Manager                   Kelly Mack (Sanders)* 
Founding Historian                                 Demetria L. Newsome* 



                              Founding Sisters

Minnie Davis

Tonja Eaton
Viola Harris
Tawanda Carter (Nutt)
Rezlyn Wilson (Richardson)

Note: Maiden names of founders in parentheses

* indicates the founder is deceased